Apple MacPro 2016 – Consumer Report Review

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#Apple #MacPro2016Apple MacPro 2016 – Consumer Report Review : The most important review a tech gadget can receive is from Consumer Reports which is a company that specializes in testing hardware performances and it’s one of the must trusted rating brands. Usually almost all high-end devices pass this test, but this isn’t the case anymore since Apple’s latest laptop didn’t receive the “recommended” rating. MacBook Pros are what Apple has best to offer right now in terms of laptops and the device is equipped with only the best pieces of hardware Apple has to offer alongside the innovative Touch Bar functionalities but there’s one down side though, the laptop’s battery life doesn’t last too long.

All MacBook Pro variants have been put through the same tests and all of them have failed to pass the battery consistency trial. For example in one test the device’s battery would last ten hours while in the second test it will last only four hours. The way which Consumer Reports tested the MacBook Pro’s battery is very simple, the laptop was turned on and then put through mixed usage like webpage surfing, video playing and music listening.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since right from the start the laptops have been notorious for their inconsistent battery life. When the laptops were launched back in October, Apple promised customers up to ten hours of battery life but Apple didn’t keep its promise. In order to make up for not keeping its word and to clear MacBook Pro’s reputation, Apple recently launched a new macOS Sierra update that was designed especially to fix the battery issue. The US based company used the help of the third party software named Coconut Battery and optimized the device’s battery to last around ten hours, but Consumer Reports are not going to change their rating any time soon. Source : news4c

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