GTA 6 Sees Project Scorpio As Benchmark For Development

#GTA6 #ProjectScorpioGTA 6 Sees Project Scorpio As Benchmark For Development : It is no secret that GTA 6 is getting developed by Rockstar but nobody knows exactly when the game will be making its debut. If the rumors are to be referred to, GTA 6 will arrive in 2020, which is also around the same time Sony launches the PS5.

Well, even if the rumors are right, it is unlikely for GTA 6 to get developed for the next-gen console as doing so will put a limit on its sales. Rockstar will certainly launch GTA 6 on the current-gen platforms like how they did with GTA 5.

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Because of this, it is perhaps right to say that GTA 6 will use Microsoft’s Project Scorpio as the benchmark for its technicalities. Project Scorpio is bound to arrive later this year and it promises to offer the best console experience around. Rockstar would definitely want GTA 6 to be a big step forward from GTA 5 and they will need Project Scorpio to achieve this goal.

But of course, this is not to say that GTA 6 won’t be making it on the PS4 Pro. The game will probably get toned down for weaker consoles hence the best experience will be reserved for Project Scorpio.

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