Signs Of Apocalypse: Mythical Blob Unseen In Thousand Years Reemerges

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#Apocalypse #EndOfWorldSigns Of Apocalypse: Mythical Blob Unseen In Thousand Years Reemerges : A mythical blob was once again discovered off the coast of Monterey after it was last spotted in 1898. The rediscovery took place during a dive inside a remote-operated vehicle. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Scientists were not successful for more than a century to rediscover the mythical blob, making people wonder if such still exists. Bathochordaeus charon’s name came from the mythical ferryman who transports souls of dead people in Greek mythology.

New discovery proves the existence of the large larvacean

According to the Daily Mail, scientists spotted a large larvacean off the California coast. Further analysis confirmed it as the mysterious deep-sea blob, a creature with structures called “houses” surrounding it.

These houses pick food particles from the water. The outer house acquires a covering of marine snow and weeds out material that could clog the smaller filter within. The new discovery by scientists at Monterey Bay proves the existence of this nearly transparent creature.

This is the first definitive record of the giant Larvacean

As the vehicle went deeper into the water, Rob Sherlock, senior research technician, noticed a big larvacean coming into the view. The team stopped and collected the 9-centimeter-long specimen. After using a microscope, they have proven that it was indeed the elusive B. Charon.

The findings of the scientists were published in the Marine Biodiversity Records. According to the researchers, this is “The first definitive record of the giant larvacean, Bathochordaeus charon, since its original description in 1900 and a range extension to the northeast Pacific Ocean.”

The research paper describes the first review of B. charon since its original description. It extends the species’ range to the North East pacific ocean, providing the first molecular evidence for two species of Bathochordaeus. Source: Morningnewsusa

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