Xiaomi Mi Mix vs iPhone 8: Will it be a mixture of emotions for Apple or a complete iSuccess?

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#XiaomiMiMix #iPhone8Xiaomi Mi Mix vs iPhone 8: Will it be a mixture of emotions for Apple or a complete iSuccess? : While there’s plenty of time for Cupertino’s Apple inc. to come out with their next generation of iPhones, ongoing debates compare present high-end Android smartphones whether they’re at the apex to combat iPhones head to head.

Xiaomi’s latest flagship the Mi Mix, their latest release into the markets was introduced with a new color choice at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) this week, GSMArena┬áreported. Apple this year, will be celebrating their tenth year anniversary of their ‘iPhone’ line-up of Apple products which ultimately has to be the primary reason to bring out the best out of iPhones yet.

With Xiaomi’s fantastic track record throughout the years, let’s get into to taking a look at the both the phones that’s certainly going to dominate the sales graph for the present year. While the specifications for the phone hasn’t changed except for its color scheme, the beautiful bezel-less display is one of the primary reasons to opt for the phone that comes with a 17:9 resolution.

However, Xiaomi at the moment haven’t announced plans for releasing the Mi Mix in white for International markets currently restricting it to China at the moment at least, according to this report on Yahoo tech. Hence, for those who’re looking for the classy-white looks might have to wait a bit longer than expected.

Even if the iPhone 8 isn’t out yet, the specifications for the phone can certainly be predicted at least in terms of its processing power and other features, with a new probable A11 chip also arriving with an IP67 rating that will be both dust and water resistant. While Apple for sometime have stuck to LCD displays, things might change for the new iPhone with possibly an AMOLED panel replacing it while the lightning connector to be replaced by USB Type-C reversible connector.

While the Mi Mix is a bezel less display top to bottom, it’s definitely challenging to hold it in a single palm. But that shouldn’t distract the buyer due to its amazing color production and industry standard hardware.

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